2012 Art Adventure (#1)

I have a few wonderful Art Adventures on my 2012 Creativity Calendar already!

One of them being Teesha Moore‘s ARTFEST this Spring. I am so excited, but also a little scared. Why?, you ask… because I am forcing myself to venture out into the unknown all by my little ole self (I feel a little bit like Scaredy Squirrel).

I will be surrounded by other creative spirits, but not knowing a single soul yet among them. Even though through my appearance many times in my life I have definitely ‘stood out’, never expect me to be the first one to step up and say hi first. I have always been the shy observer. The funny thing is that in this situation the colour of my hair, tattoos and wearable art will most likely just blend into the crowd lol.

My first day long class will be Dolls & Dudes by Michelle Allen. My second day/second class will be Draw! Fantasy Vaudeville by Miss Mindy.  My third day and final class will be Story Pieces by Sunny Carvalho.

Oh, to expand ones creativity….. I am so very fortunate. xox

…. but I think I may still pack a ‘survival kit’ of my own (Thanks Scaredy Squirrel).


My latest commissioned painting

When Ron contacted me and asked me to create a painting for my friend Marcie, I was so excited!  Marci had unfortunately lost her wonderful dog, Andi-Girl, earlier in the year.  He wanted to know if I could showcase the two of them together. What a challenge that presented.  This is only the second time I have ever tried tried to paint a dog. The last time was about 20 years ago. Talk about stress… ha ha. I was soooo stressed. I wanted to make sure I did Andi-Girl justice.

When the painting was finally completed, I put it up on display on our window ledge. Our little dog Ella started growling and barking at the painting (see the last photo). I felt so much better. If I had made Andi-Girl look real enough for our dog to react in the way she did… I must have succeeded. Yeah, It was time to let Ron know that the painting was definitely ready for pick up. lol

Here are a few pictures to show you the process I went through.

Keep smiling and creating!


The Merry Christmas CONTEST!…..

The first person to correctly answer the question I post in 5 minutes in my BLOG will win a holiday selection of my greeting card line (3 cards)…….you ready? www.nicci.ca

QUESTION: Name 3 Community Events I took part in this year? FYI: Craft Markets do not count in this contest. Please leave your comment below & GOOD LUCK!

HINT: take a look here… http://nicci.ca/events/

I am not a Seamstress. Let me repeat… I am not a Seamstress!

I am so thankful that people enjoy my hand painted/hand sewn little wrist-lets/bags that I walk around with.

However, I will have to seriously think it through next time I am asked to create any art pieces that involve a sewing machine. UGH!

Three days later (6 hours just of me fighting with my sewing machine alone), I have 5 cute little make-up bags completed. My back is killing me, my head is throbbing and I am craving hard alcohol. Is that normal?

CHEERS to all of you hard working Seamstresses out there. You are not always appreciated for the talents you have. Tonight I shall raise my glass and honour you!

Here are a few photos for you to see my adventure:

Keep smiling and creating!