Through rain, wind, snow and sleet…

okay, maybe not snow and sleet, but it sure was cold!

Today was the 25th annual Granville Island Ferry Garbage Can Contest. I think it may have been the most challenging of weather conditions in the last 11 years or so. Finger tips were frozen, Artists were shaking as they tried to create and we all managed to push though.

It is, after all, for a fantastic cause. All proceeds and money raised at the auction goes towards the art therapy program at BC Children’s Hospital.

Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!

My popcorn themed can was inspired by some fantastic new packaging products at Essential Packaging in Surrey, BC. Cheryl from Essential was a great help this week when I popped into their shop explaining my creative plan. She turned me on to the right free font for my popcorn letters and lent me the tool for cutting the perfect circles.

My can ended up being sold at auction for $110.00. Oops, it was hard to hear through all the rain and chatter. It actually sold for $130. Yeah! Thanks Peter!

Keep smiling and creating,


Busy creating new images for prints/cards

Just a quick glimpse of what my art area has looked like the past couple of days.

Keep smiling and creating!


Still a Daddy’s girl…

Today my Dad would have been 65. I am a Mom myself, but when I think back on our family memories, I still feel as though I am looking through a little girl’s eyes at her hero that can create pretty much anything she could wish for.

He always provided us with a warm and safe family home. Beyond that he has stretched raw canvas across

home made wood frames, created a funky wooden pencil case, circus train car and music tape holder for me over the years. The only one of those 4 that did not work out as well as he had hoped was the tape case. It is beautiful, but weighs about 70lbs (lol). You always had to brace yourself first before you attempted to pick it up.

To think that he has never used a cel phone, a personal home computer, or a small camera. He has never texted, video chatted or video conferenced, seen a flat screen tv, seen anything high def, and above all else he has not been to either if his childrens weddings, greeted and spent time with 3 of his 4 wonderful grandchildren, shared in many family celebrations, world events or …… the list just goes on and on. (Am I rambling?)

He passed away on Oct 27th, 1994 from a 4 year battle with skin cancer, etc. We had his service on Halloween, which actually helped lighten the mood. We greeted trick-or-treaters at the door and set off fireworks in the back yard.

He inspires me to just be me and I thank him daily for it.  He always told people that I marched to the beat of my own drum, and I usually do. Dad encouraged me to find myself and not conform unless it effected my family in a negative way.

I love creating my art, colouring my hair, choosing my friends based on their honesty and truness (never for status).

I must confess that I did conform somewhat this week for the benefit of my son. I actually dyed my hair a light neutral brown and covered up my tattooed arms with a cardigan in 27 degree Celsius weather. I wanted to make sure that he was not judged stereotypically by my visual experience… only to realize that in doing so I was pre-judging a group of ladies before I had even laid eyes on them. This day in age, I would have hopefully been accepted the way I really am.

It is such a personal battle for me, as there are both types out there, even now. The ones that pre-judge and the ones that do not judge at all.

I wonder what my Dad would have to say about the way I showcase myself now compared to how I did back in my early twenties. He would probably just tell me to be myself and keep on being the best ‘me’ I can be.

Miss you Dad……now I am going to make my family dinner and then spend the evening painting in your honour. Love you!


Juicy new paints… time to play!

Some fun new paints I bought at Opus yesterday along with inspiration from my latest Artist find on the web, Vanessa Colant.

Ooooh, so much fun! So far I have created 3 new paintings, which will be for sale as prints and greeting cards this Winter at Creative Finds Marketplace as well as in my online store.

I cannot wait to paint again tomorrow!

Keep smiling and creating, Nicci