A new addition

… to our artsy little family.

I would like to introduce you to Ella.

She is a cute little Havanese, born April 1st.


Creating a ‘Creation Station’

We have been busy creating a funky chunky art/dining table for our room. My wish was to have a large table that was either ‘funky’ or ‘chunky’. Our friend Joel designed and built the fab table. Duran, Marco and I distressed it by banging large rocks against it and swinging heavy chain at it (which Duran just loved by the way).

It has been raining here the last few days, so we had to carry it into the house. Marco and I had to carry it in a few pieces at a time, as it is sooooo heavy. It is made out of solid fir beams. Thank goodness the top had not yet been fastened on.

Today I coated it in two layers of dark stain. Tomorrow morning I shall be putting on my first coat of varnish. Once I am done, Joel will attach the top boards. Plus unbeknownst to him, I think we will need 1.5″ to 2″ taken off of the legs, as it is just a tad bit to high for our existing chairs. My Mom is 5’4″ and would otherwise be sitting so low at the table that she would be just shoveling her food off of her plate into her mouth. ha ha. Not to mention when Duran and his friends will be sitting at it.

Once the table is complete, I will be placing favorite photos, inspiring art images, sayings, etc of the table top before we lay down a glass. Sooo Excited!

Have a great night!

Keep smiling and creating! Nicci

My Crazy Creative Life….continues (lol)

Why do we only have 24 hours in a day to work with? I think I may need some more. Does anyone know where I can submit my request for consideration?

A couple of my recent time consuming, but still loved all the same, activities:
– 1 – (May 30th) Holding Up Half the Sky – Grade 7 Girls Conference – Art for Life journal classes

This was a fantastic opportunity brought my way by a fantastic fellow artist and friend, Violette. We both were given art classrooms in a local high school to use while we taught and hopefully inspired some lovely young ladies. It took 5 whole work days + of prep time to prepare and boy was I ever exhausted by the time I got home and put my feet up.


– 2 – Cloth Paper Scissors Studio Magazine – studio submission for their Winter 2011 issue

What an honour. I took a chance and posted a few art studio photos on a certain Facebook page and next thing I know…. I am being asked to submit a few sample photos for an article feature in one of my favorite magazines! I found out just last week that I was accepted for their Winter issue and notified that my article and photos must be in and on her desk by June 2nd.  Yeah … and YIKES!!!! Thanks to two very wonderful Artist friends Sandra Tice and Jeni Stafford, we got some fantastic shots this past weekend. The photos shown here were not the ones submitted, but just a few tasters until the magazine hits the shelves!

Keep smiling and creating,