I think I found my muse!

Once again I have been in a slight artistic slump. I haven’t truly painted in almost 2 months …. until yesterday.

These days stress seems to effect me differently and painting cannot seem to help me travel through those periods like they used to. Now that I have come out the other end of the ‘stress tunnel’ ….look out world!

Of all places, I ended up in a Starbucks coffee house yesterday with my young son. As he was sitting there eating his granola & yoghurt while drinking his green tea matcha white hot chocolate (I know… where did this healthy kid come from. He has always made these types of choices. Yeah!) , I was taking in the varied clientelle and actually feeling the creative juices flowing withing the coffee house. I think I need to venture out to the coffee house more often like I used to.

I came home feeling I just had to do something, but my sketchbook journal was not the answer. So yesterday I revamped my black rusty mailbox that has been screaming at me since we moved here last July. I hope you like her transformation!

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Keep smiling and creating!