Growth and Understanding

Nicci-Urban-Artisans-200911I am sitting here typing to you while listening to Bif Naked, when I really should be asleep in bed. I feel like a Momma Bear who is late heading off for hibernation.

I have not really had a day off from running around, creating etc in over three-four weeks now. Packing up the car, heading off to shows, unpacking the car, setting up, trying to convince potential customers that my work is worth their hard earned cash, taking down displays, packing up, packing the car & driving home for almost an hour in the dark rainy evenings over and over.

It has really brought it back to the foreground why I began organizing Creative Finds. Although organizing a show is a heck of a lot more work and way more stressful, I still feel like I have accomplished something good. Every year I push myself to the limit (almost to the brink of tears) to make my show (Creative Finds) a wonderful and successful experience for both vendors and customers alike. From all the feedback and the early applications I have already received for next years Winter Market (Nov 13 & 14, 2010), I think I must be doing a good job.

So what have I learned this year after a year of planning in the works and three solid weekends of shows?…

Spend less in newspaper advertising and more in visible posters (large street signs, coffee house adverts, postcard hand outs, etc). I spent $800 in newspaper advertising alone this year & funny enough, it did not increase our customer traffic from last year.

At this point in time, my plan for 2010 is organizing my Creative Finds Events and promotional footwork and mail outs for my own art greeting cards, necklaces, etc and not being a part of others craft shows. Maybe a ‘real’ Art Gallery Show! That would be really nice.

I had better go to bed. I am so tired that I am overworking the spell check system.

Keep smiling, creating and sweet dreams,


MAKE IT Vancouver! See you this Weekend!

Hi All,

Show-advert-couponAs of 5pm last night…. I will be a vendor at MAKE IT Vancouver this weekend at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. (3250 Commercial Drive)

Fri, Nov 20, 4pm-9pm

Sat, Nov 21, 11am-6pm

Sun, Nov 22, 11am-5pm

Don’t forget your coupon! 10233_150420072030_515102030_3157152_4896056_n

Art, Crafts, Bar & DJ. Described as a MULLET. Business in the front and Party in the back. My booth is actually lucky table #13 along the left hand side wall near the ‘party’ area.

See you there!


Creative Finds Market is growing leeps and bounds!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we have added many wonderful features to the Creative Finds Marketplace this year!

We have a BLOG!

We are on YouTUBE!

We are ‘tweeting’ on TWITTER!

We are on the almighty FACEBOOK!

We will be doing LIVE tweets from the show announcing specials, promoting our vendors, etc!

As well as on Friday and Saturday evening we will have new videos from the showplace!

We look forward to seeing you all there! Don’t forget your shopping bags and … please …

Support your local Artists and Crafters this Holiday Season and come on down to Creative Finds!

One Week until the BIG Annual Event!

Hi all,


Nicci Battilana 2009 Coupon

I am very hard at work getting ready for the Winter Creative Finds Art and Craft Marketplace!Nicci Battilana card display spinner

Make sure you print off a copy of my money saving COUPON.

You can also follow Creative Finds on TWITTER for other show specials!

Necklace Displays by Nicci BattilanaDon’t forget to bring your reusable shopping bags! One FREE surprise for everyone that comes by my booth and shows me that they are using their environment friendly shopping bags at our market.

Necklace Displays by Nicci Battilana

Keep smiling and creating,