Okay, I’ll admit it….

There is one day this Winter that I am looking forward to more than others.  I am not a twenty something or a teenager. I am almost 40, but I think I must be almost obsessed. I was one of the biggest Anne Rice fans in Canada back in the late 80’s early 90’s and last year actually avoided reading ‘Twilight‘, as I believed that Stephenie Meyer was just trying to be the Anne Rice of these times. However, once my 12 year old niece lent me her book, I was a Bella junkie like the rest of them.

A page from my journal

A page from my journal

Maybe it was casting Tom Cruise as ‘Lestat‘ in ‘Interview with a Vampire‘ that caused a rift for me. Although ‘Queen of the Damned‘ out-shined the first movie beyond any measurement I can think of.

So far it seems that ‘New Moon‘ will do the same for ‘Twilight‘ . Twilight the movie did not hold up to the novel by any means, but in saying that, it has actually grown on me and I have watched it more than enough times. I do however keep going back to the novels. I have just finished reading the complete series two times now and am partway through my third adventure.

new moon official trailer 1+2+3 mashup (6 min!)

November 20th is ingrained in my mental calendar, although I hope to watch the movie, New Moon, without being surrounded by shrieking tweens and teenagers. Good luck with that, right?

Jacob is my favorite. He is almost a modern version of ‘Duckie Dale‘ from ‘Pretty in Pink‘ (another favorite movie of mine). I used to always go for the guy that was a bit of a misfit, slightly off-centre from the average Joe, … but then I am pretty much like that myself. Why should we follow the ‘norm’?

So, now that I have shared one of my little secret loves with you all, who wants to go to the movie with me?

Who would guess that I have always been in love with Vampires and their world by looking at my brightly coloured whimsical artwork, hey?

Keep smiling and creating!


Vendor Spaces are almost all full. Bring on the SNOW! (just kidding)

Hi All,

Well my vendor spaces are now almost all full for our 3rd Annual Creative Finds Art and Fine Craft Marketplace, which takes place in Surrey, BC, Canada on November 14th and 15th this year! Isn’t this sick?….it is only September and yet the wonderful selection of vendors we have is making me giddy already and we are still months away from the show!

To give you just a little taste, here are a few pictures of some of the featured products that will be available this year:

I am also helping out with another handmade show this year, which takes place on November 21st, entitled Holiday Shopping at Sunnyside. FYI: The VENDOR application can be downloaded from the shows website.

It should prove to be a busy and eventful season! Yeah!

Have a great night. Keep smiling and creating!



Hi All,

I seem a little lost with my little man now attending school for a full day. Today was rather tough. I just ended up walking around Winners and then the grocery store with no real goal in mind except that I had to buy some cream for our coffee tomorrow.My Little Man

Yes, of course I had work to do at home (… including responding to the influx of emails I received yesterday alone. Thank you very much by the way.), but it was almost as though a fogg was swirling around in my head and I had the feeling about every 20 minutes that I needed to go pick him up as he was probably waiting for me. I kept checking the clock on my cell phone every. Even now, I still have over half an hour. I don’t know how many boxes of granola bars I purchased today. I think it was six or seven. What are we going to do with all those granola bars? I couldn’t even eat lunch, still haven’t actually and it’s almost 2pm! I have had my little buddy joined to my hip for the past 6 years. I even kept checking over my shoulder to make sure he is right there at my side and is safe. The world has just grabbed us by our joint puppet strings and is now cutting them off one by one with long shears, as he is being pulled out to experience what the universe has to offer on his own. Okay Francesca, you were right, this is really hard. I guess that is why I just did something totally abnormal for me and ate 7 cookies in place of my lunch. (I know Marco, it won’t happen again. You don’t need to empty the pantry when you get home, as I will schedule in my walk for tomorrow morning. Love you too.)

What to do, what to do???? well how about we have an online sale then?!? CLICK HERE.


Plus I think I had better get out my visual calendar journal (as designed by the lovely Violette) and start planning out my work days.

Well I had better go pick him up know.

Keep smiling, creating, and shopping (lol),


My episode HGTV’s “That’s Clever” aired again today!

I have been inundated with emails today for requests to purchase my hand painted cushions and arm bands.

Therefore I thought I had better place my last few cushions up in my ETSY online store tonight, so that ‘My Girlz’ can venture off and make new friends, see the world, etc. I really enjoyed painting them. In total I created 100 unique one of a kind cushions and had a pleasure in doing so.

This Winter I am focusing on creating limited edition art prints and greeting cards. I like to try new ventures every year. It helps keep me on my creative toes, so to speak.

Please check out my online store and do not hesitate to send me an email and let me know what you thought of the show. This episode was filmed three years ago and originally aired in July of 2007. Therefore we have just recently invested in our own high definition video camera and plan to start making our own art videos this fall. Stay tuned!

Keep smiling and creating!


Still breathing and creating

Hi Everyone,

This summer sure has been a hectic one! Spur of the moment moving is not on my list of favorites (ha ha). Prepping a house for selling (April 18th), listing the house (May 1st), selling (May 27th), house hunting, packing, purchasing, moving (July 25), unpacking, painting like crazy and a house warming party all taking place from mid April until Aug 29th ….now that’s just crazy! Here are a few pics to show where we are with the inside of the house so far. (Pictures of the house from before we moved in can be seen in this posting link. CLICK HERE)

We have taken a break from painting in the house, as our bodies were screaming at us. My hands are almost back to normal. Fingers are no longer tingling, Yeah! And I think Marco is also a little less sore. I think next weekend we will start doing some more work, as once it is all done then we can actually focus on the other parts of our lives.

My art studio is still only a 3rd put together and I need to finish that this week for my sanity alone. I have soooo much work to do getting ready for holiday craft shows, revamping my main shows website (www.creativefinds.ca) etc.  We are making the shows website more professional and interactive. We even hope to have live updates from the show and be able to announce hourly specials from certain vendors that wish to participate.

Creative Finds Art and Fine Craft Marketplace …. Hubby wants to take over the computer to work on the webiste, so I had better not deny him access. Check back Wednesday for some glimpses into my art journal.

Keep smiling and creating,