Looking out at the world through pink fringe

Every night I lay in bed dreaming of our new home and trying to work out how I can hold ‘Art Parties‘ there.

We are losing a bit of developed square footage there, but have a wide range of future potential with the land lot being so large.

I have drawn out three potential future floor plans (just waiting on the actual money for these developments). Here are a few photos of the home as is, before we move in and make it our own. Also you will see a colour scheme photo and a couple of sketches, which Duran asked me to draw for him today (a couple of girl robots).

If you have any ideas on creating a new art studio space in the back yard, please message me with your creative visions, as I would love to hear them … or even see your sketches.

Keep smiling and creating,


Tired, Re-inspired and not yet Glittered Out!

Hi All,

I know some of you are cusrious about how our GPS (Glitter Power Sisters) weekend went…

It was fabulous and so much fun. On Friday we gabbed, glittered and made our own necklace pendants! Unfortunately I was soldered out by the end and forgot to take a picture of all the necklace pendants.

However, I think I took almost a hundred other photos, which I will share a few of them here with you. A few of the ‘Artsy’ photos were taken by my little guy.

On Saturday we started a bit earlier in the day at the Magic Cottage with more glitter, gab and paint splatters. I never knew there was another fun way to use a credit card other than buying un-needed treasures at a store. Violette had us all scraping paint until our hearts were content. I have seen here demo it before, but it never pulled me in creatively. Now that I have experienced it for myself, … get those credit cards out and start spilling some paint for it’s time to experiment people! The night ended down on White Rock Beach in Cheryl, Mahala and Katie’s room eating yummy sechzuan (spelling?) food.

We cannot wait until the next gathering and missed visiting with all the GPS’ that could not make it this year, but had a great new addition in Jenny!

Keep smiling and creating!


It’s GLITTER Sister DAY!!!!

Hi All,

I am just busy getting the together the last minute items for our GPS (Glitter Power Sister) weekend.

IE: out of this world dessert, soldering supplies, art journal, camera etc.

Please check back tomorrow for some fun photos from tonight!

Have a great day!