Tired, frustrated and teary eyed…

Fairy Gal by Nicci

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Inside I am like a whirlwind. I have so much to do, life is throwing me curve balls and I have just been told that I am apparently beginning to enter the wonderful world (total sarcasm) of menopause.

Where’s my gin and tonic people! … and while your at it, can you pretty please rub my feet?

I feel like I am on the cusp of coming into my own in terms of art. On the other hand … I think I am crossing a bit over into the world of mid-life crisis … or then again, maybe its just my hormones.

I am busy organizing events (ie: Creative Finds Market, Craft-in gatherings, Glitter Power Sisters gathering here in June, fund raising for my son’s school, etc). I am also working on donation pieces (bras for a cause and an art necklace for ‘Women in Film’), creating paintings in which to get prints made of and also for future pendants & belt buckles. On top of all that they are now in the process of possibly closing the school, which is right in front of our home and which in turn could make our property value plummet depending on what they build in its place. I love to organize cheerful events (ie: craft fairs, craft-in ladies nights and GPS gatherings), but to try and rally our neighbours to vote in and fight for a positive future on the land in front of our home sounds quite stressful to me.

Painting is my outlet & I am heading back to it, but really if someone could clean my floors for me and rub my feet … I would feel so much better.

FYI: Prints are now available of the image seen in this posting. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Creative love to you all …. as I head off to follow my own instructions, “Keep Smiling and creating”!



The crew is ready to break ground and create the most awe inspiring, creatively juiced, as though you have just walked into the most fab candy store in the world … Artists Website!    www.Nicci.ca

We are very excited, as you can tell, to bring this new site to the people! (lol)



There will be an:

Art Gallery, in which you get to choose the images you would like in your very own Glitzy Galz necklace pendant.

– A bio on the “Featured this Month…” ‘Galz’ themselves.

– An online shop, where you can place your specialized order. FYI: There will also be a ‘Surprise Me’ option, where you just tell me your favorite colours and I choose your Glitzy Gal for you.

Retail Locations listing. This area will also feature an application for other retail locations that would like to feature our lovely ‘Glitzy Galz’.

plus much more!

Have a great night!

Keep smiling and creating!


Working on www.nicci.ca

Hi All,

It has been a very so go forgetting www.nicci.ca up and running. I think this has a lot to do with me deciding which way I want the website to go. I have decided that BrushedWithMagic with remain as my ‘art/creative’ website and www.nicci.ca will be my professional site (IE: Products for sale and teaching/art parties).

I will keep you updated on the progress.

www.Nicci.ca test image

www.Nicci.ca test image

FYI: The image seen here is a graphic I am in the process of creating, just to have on the front page, while the site is being constructed.

Hope you like it!

Have a great day! Keep smiling and creating!


And so another week begins, as paint flows on the horizon

Good Morning,

Hannah's jacket

Hannah's jacket (front)

I thought I would share a few things this week, since I actually feel human again after surviving a horrible flu that seemed to last for ever (4 days in fact).

Hannah's jacket

Hannah's jacket (back)

Here are a couple photos of the jacket I painted for Duran’s friend Hannah. Unfortunately I missed her party, but have been informed that she absolutely loves it. Yeah! You never know with kids, they will either love something or hate it and aren’t afraid to express it.

Duran also painted her a piece of wearable art, which I think is absolutely fabulous!  I may be biased being his Mom and all, but it is just too cool. He is such an amazing kid! We are lucky to have him in our lives.

t-shirt by Duran

t-shirt by Duran

As for me, I have many projects swirling around in this Gemini brain of mine:

#1Bras for a Cause …. I need to start embellishing it this week and recording the process on film (if I can figure out how).

#2 – Creating work for the West Coast Tattoo Show (prints, canvases, wallets, pendants, etc). I actually went to OPUS yesterday and bought two 18″x36″ canvases to paint ‘Girlz’ on.

#3 – Planning the GPS (Glitter Power Sisters) gathering for this June here in White Rock, BC, Canada

#4 – Creating a local Art Event based on this type of idea (CLICK HERE).

Art Outing:

Marco at Jim Cummins Art Show

Marco at Jim Cummins Art Show

Oh, oh oh…. I went to another great art show of Jim Cummins (aka I Braineater) last Friday night and this time my hubby, Marco, joined me. His reaction to Jim’s work is pretty much the same as mine and it was wonderful to see him get excited about the art. He came very very close to buying a rather large painting of a crazed dog for Duran, but settled on a smaller piece of Jim’s ‘Blockhead’ character. He did this, as we could not think of another large wall in our home (that is not already embellished with Jim’s work) for this canvas to go on. Mind you half way home I thought of the wall it would be great on. (lol)

I might ask Jim if he could do a similar one, but of a skunk.

Valentine's photo by Duran

Valentine's photo by Duran

VALENTINE’S DAY: Last night we (Marco, Duran, Mom and I) went out for a belated V dinner. It was delicious! After dinner we picked up some frozen french vanilla yogurt and headed home for tea and dessert.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Keep smiling and creating!


Bras For A Cause 2009 – Donate Today

Hi All,

2008 Bras For A Cause

2008 Bras For A Cause

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! I am entering my third year of donated an decorated bra for the Soroptimist’s Bras For A Cause Charity Auction and would LOVE your help with raising funds!

Please add 2.9% + $0.30 CAD to your donated amount to cover the paypal fees.

I must have my decorated bra turned in by March 1st and will film my creative progress to show you all.

In this posting you can see the donations I have submitted during the last two years.

They can send out tax receipts for any donations $20 and greater after the event if requested. Therefore please make sure you send me the following info:
Full Name
email address
phone #
amount donated.

2007 Bras For A Cause

2007 Bras For A Cause

FYI:  Please MAKE SURE that you add 2.9% + $0.30 CAD to your donated amount to cover the paypal fees, so that we make sure everyone qualifies for their tax receipt.

The names of all the people that donate will be included in my entry for their auction.

Thank you all so very much.


When is a slump a slump?

I felt like I was in a creative slump, a drought, if you will.

Since I have been confirmed my vendor space at the upcoming West Coast Tattoo Show, I have been trying to think/create versions of my ‘Girlz’ that will attract the guests/customers of this focused event. I think it has taken me right up until this point to realize that ‘yes’ I can push myself in new ways, but in no way do I need to conform.

I have spent my life fighting against those who would have me conform and be what they want, not who I am … now I actually had it in my head that I need to push the edginess in my work to please the other side of the spectrum. Odd hey?

It has actually taken me until last fall to go ahead and dare to draw and paint a nude series of work. But when you really think about it, you must know the true body form, before you can draw clothes on top of it. Is this a sign of how uptight our society is? That we feel as though we must warn young audiences that there may be a nude image somewhere in our portfolio of work? Why?

Okay, I am still a bit of a prude and do not want to see any genitalia in my work or in the shows I organize, but breasts and bums …. why the heck not?

This so called ‘slump’ I have felt to be in is maybe coming from my inner censor, trying to please and hoping not to offend the public and even my own Mother.

How does one push forward and break through the wall of clouded plastic wrap?

I guess you just do it and shout “What the Hell!… this is my life too!”

This is also a reason as to why I have been lacking in blog posts as of late. I have been doing more nudes, but thought this was not the place to show them, as I know I have young fans out there. However, our young man is 5 and he loves my work and sees absolutely no offense in it. He actually asks why I have taken a certain painting down when people come over.  FYI: It is actually put away on a shelf right now, but it will be front and center at the Tattoo Show in April, so please come on by and have a look.

Appreciate the beauty in the world, keep creating and for gosh sakes.. keep smiling.