Barack Obama

“Be judged on what you build not what you destroy”

Today begins as a great day in history, but I cannot help feeling apprehensive.

Around the time we won the opportunity to host the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sam Sullivan became the Mayor for Vancouver. As a handicapped Mayor, we thought he would do great things for our City and the coming Olympics. He made a mess of Vancouver (including the rat infested garbage strike, which he said had nothing to do with him) and the major debt he has left the tax payers.

Barack seems to be in a class way way above the Sam Sullivan level, which then leads me to the second, but in no way less important, fear of an assasination. The loss would be unsurmountable and devistate more than just those in the USA. Lets hope this never happens or is even attempted. No one touched Bush… so hopefully we are okay.

For our neighbours down South, I hope he is all that you have wished and hope for and leads a long happy healthy life.

Remember where you are today, what thoughts and resolutions you have had today to help make the world a better, stronger, and more peaceful place.

Keep smiling and creating!


Mental Brainstorming

Hi All,

Ever since I found out that I had my vendor space for the upcoming West Coast Tattoo Show in April, I have been mentally brainstorming regarding images to create for my limited addition print sales (first time EVER), necklace pendants with a tattoo theme, canvases (for the on site gallery), trendy funky handbags, broaches and my fresh and funky belt buckles.

I have been sitting back with the inside of my left brain swimming with ideas that I need to fine tune and get down on paper. I wanted to push myself and try something new. A new angle, different textures, maybe even incorporating sewing into the painted artwork itself.'Forever Cherrie'

Last night, I finally put pen and some ink to paper …. and ‘Forever Cherrie’ was the outcome! She is painted on a 13″ x 17″ sheet of heavy watercolour paper. I hope to work on her some more this evening after I get back home.

'Forever Cherrie'Right now I am getting ready to head out the door and experience “Indie I do“, which will hopefully also fuel my creativity, as there will be a variety of ‘alternative’ vendors including a Burlesque Performer.

Have a great day!

Keep smiling and creating!


16 Things

I have been tagged and asked to post 16 things about me that some of you may not know.

So here we go:

16 things about me:

1. I almost always wear black
2. I feel very bland if I do not have any pink in my hair
4. I prefer the truth. Just be honest & I will respect you.
5. peanut butter is my weakness
6. One of my favorite sandwich is made with asparagus, ham and Havarti cheese.
7. I want to be well known for my artwork in a positive way.
8. Cannot wait to get my own artwork tattooed on myself!
9. likes a good cup of tea
10. is a great … great multi-tasker
11. Would love to learn to weld & create art by those means.
12. Hopes every year that someone would buy her a scroll saw.
13. Loves Phil Collins, but has never owned a single tape, record album, CD or mp3 of his. Hmmmmm
14. Would rather put her last $4 into a mall photobooth than buy a mocha or latte.
15. loves to dance!!!
16. enjoys going on hikes, but hardly ever does.
I would have put that I am afraid of vacuums, but now that I am nearing 40, I think I have finally conquered that fear out of necessity.

I remember going to friends house when I was a young teenager and seeing her Mom crawling around on the floor picking up lint. When I asked what she was doing, my friend told me that her Mom did not like vacuums. I thought to myself, “Is that what I am going to look like when I am older?, The crazy looking lady on the floor?”. Thank goodness, I have never had to do that to myself and my family (lol).

I would love it if you would share your 16 things in the comments section of this posting!

Keep smiling and creating!


Yeah Yeah YEAH! It’s 2009, Baby!

So far… I have no complaints on the new year, Woo hoo!

… in no particular order:….

School Girl aka "Hard Nox"

#1: My studio did not flood during the heavy snow melt and one month of rain in 48 hours! Awesome & thank you!

#2: My family is all happy and relatively healthy!

#3: I spent a wonderful hour this morning with some old friends that were part of the now defunct art group ’11’. Wish I had brought my camera though!

#4: In the mail today I rcvd two complimentary tickets (from Blue Olive Photography) to ‘Indie I do‘, which is Vancouver’s First Alternative Wedding Show. I am so excited to see what is out there right now and to take in some event organizing tips by walking through and experiencing the show. (No, I am happily married now for over 11 years, thank you very much).

#5: I just rcvd my prints from my local print show, which I now have to personalize with glitter, jewels and other funky little extras, before I send them off to be inserted into a limited edition CHUNKY BOOK!

#6: I have my fun’n’funky scarf all laid out design wise waiting for me to get up enough nerve to try my hand at the sewing machine all by my lonesome little self. The deadline for sending it out to that in which it is intended for (1st Annual Facebook Handmade Scarf Exchange!) is Jan 15th, so I really need to jump in soon!

#7: I just heard from the Event Manager for the upcoming West Coast Tattoo Show, which is taking place on April 17 to 19, 2009 at the Abbotsford Tradex, the ‘IT’ venue for large shows these days.  I will be recieving a copy of the contract tomorrow for my 10′ x 10′ corner Vendor space, which will be located near the main stage & beer garden!!!! Thank you    Thank you    Thank you! I am soooo excited! This should prove to be a high traffic area. Hope to see you there! (FACEBOOK event LINK)

Have a great day!

Keep smiling and Creating!


A new year … a new resolution!

Hi All,

Following suit of a fellow Artist, I am writing down my daily plan before I begin my daily travels… chores….adventures if you may.

School Girl... a survivor of 'Hard Nox'

School Girl... a survivor of

So far today I am prettymuch on target.

Get my son off to school, excercise for a half hour, sketch, blog (and here I am).

Not too shabby so far, hey?


Yesterday I heard about a show which is happening out in the Fraser Valley in April. It is the debut West Coast Tattoo Culture Show!  Besides all the fabulous Tattoo Artists and retail vendors that will be set up, there will be an Art Gallery focusing on local Artists, Yeah!

So yesterday morning I quickly sent off an email to those in charge to see if they will accept my artworkfor their gallery.

So far this is the response I have received and I am looking forward to talking with them more on the subject:

“Your pieces are fantastic!!! Thank you for your email. Would you be interested in having a vendor booth if you have jewelry pieces as well?? I think you would do very well at this show with your art..      Let me know what you think!”

I am hoping to have my work at the show! Keep your fingers crossed and …see you tomorrow morning!

Keep smiling and creating,